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Welcome to the homepage of the WebDAV Maven Plugin. This is a lightweight Maven plugin which is capable of copying local files to a remote WebDAV server. Additionally a signature may be appended to the end of each file, for example in order to append a timestamp.

It was initially developed at InterComponentWare AG inside the department Basis Technologies at its headquarter in Walldorf, Germany. We were using it for writing an automatically generated server overview to our Wiki. Of course there are other use cases, too.

This initial version is only capable of copying files to a WebDAV server using the Jackrabbit implementation of WebDAV. Of course there are much more features in WebDAV which are worth being implemented. Work is in progress. Feel free to contribute to this project wherever you think it's usefull.

This project was initially contributed to Tigris.org on October 5th 2009.

Basic features

  • Copy an arbitrary number of local files to a remote Webdav server. For every file the local path and the remote URI has to be given inside the plugin's configuration section.
  • Uses a proxy if needed
  • Uses Jackrabbit as the client implementation
  • May be used as part of a Maven project or even standalone
  • It's small sized. The current Jar-artifact is 23k.


Mission of this project is to have all WebDAV functionality available in this plugin. Once finished, this will become version 1.0.0. A more detailed description of WebDAV functionalities will be available in the issue tracker soon.

Released versions

Currently there's one stable version available: 0.4.0.

This release is not yet available in any Maven repository (but hopefully will be soon). So for installing or deploying you have to follow these steps:

  1. svn co http://webdavmaven.tigris.org/svn/webdavmaven/tags/0_4_0/webdavmaven --username yourusername
  2. cd webdavmaven
  3. mvn install or
  4. mvn deploy (if you have a repository configured)

After performing these steps you may use the plugin as a dependency inside your projects POM or standalone.

Quick start

After having installed or deployed the plugin (see Released versions), you may use the following example to configure your project's POM and copy a file to a remote WebDAV server. Please have a look at the comments in this example, too.




          <!-- Only if a proxy host is given here, a proxy will be-->
          <!-- set programatically. Otherwise the system settings will be used.-->
          <!-- Be aware that currently the values for user and password are >>not<< used!-->


          <!-- Give name and password for accessing your Webdav server. -->


          <!-- Note: The files which are to be written by the Webdav plugin must already exist on the server.-->
          <!-- Give an arbitrary number of 'webdav-data' elements here.-->

              <contentFile>src/test/resources/server-overview with spaces.confluence</contentFile>

              <!-- When using URLs with spaces or other special characters, be sure not to-->
              <!-- give an escaped URL here since escaping will be done internally.-->
              <destinationUrl>http://localhost:7383/jackrabbit/repository/default/dir with spaces/server-overview with spaces.confluence</destinationUrl>

                You may use another Maven lifecycle to bind the plugin.



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